2017 Summer  Update on the Old Barn Restoration
2016 Winter  Annual Pioneer Picnic & Conference of California Historic Societies
Fall In Memory of Our Devoted Chairman: Paul Joseph Truschke
Spring Saving the Olive Tree
2015 Spring Japanese Bonsai
2014 Winter SRHF Update
Fall Transforming Rusty Wrecks Into Polished Perfection
Summer The Gift Shoppe
Spring Saving the “Ole 1850s Barn”
2013 Summer Ruth Quayle Boone in Her Own Words
Spring 2013 Sheep Shearing Day
2012 Winter Holidays on the Farm 2012
Summer The Barn Burner Summer 2012
Spring Tennessee Williams Visits Forest Home Farms
2011 Winter Reindeer in San Ramon
Fall Glass & Elissondo Descendents Raise $11,000 for a Windmill at the Glass House
Summer The Wiedemanns: Early Pioneers to the San Ramon Valley
Spring Largest Crowd Ever Attends Sheep Shearing
2010 Winter Indigenous San Ramon
Fall Victorian Tea is a Success
Summer Glass House is Open
Spring Before it Was California
2009 Winter Shapell Donates Bridge to FHF
Fall Jose Marie Amador
Summer 10th Annual Victorian Tea
Spring Farmers Market Reopens
2008 Winter Jean Ohman is Citizen of the Year
Fall Victorian Tea is a Success
Spring Gift Shoppe Opens at FHF
2007 Winter Updates on the Glass House
Summer Success of Farmers Market
Spring Harlan Family Migration
2006 Fall History Lecture Series